Mural done in collaboration with Tavo Garavato for El Mero Muro at the Mexic Arte Museum in downtown Austin. This was an interactive piece done with transparent paint and 3D glasses were given for free inside the museum. Thanks to the wonderful staff over at MexicArte and of course Mercadorama for helping us put together this project, we couldn’t have done with you.
"The Mexic-Arte Museum’s El Mero Muro is a mural program located on the exterior wall of the building on 5th St. and Congress Avenue. Conveying powerful messages of relevant social issues, the outdoor murals of the Museum are in a unique and highly visible area of downtown Austin. Hundreds of vehicles pass by this busy corner of downtown Austin per day, including high volumes of pedestrians who walk past the Museum and its murals. To better attract the viewing public, the Museum commissions artists to create impactful murals using striking images and bilingual messaging. The murals “speak” in words and visual imagery to provoke ideas, address contemporary issues, and generate interest in the community, and also to welcome the public to visit the Museum."​​​​​​​
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