One of my favorite projects to date has been without a doubt designing for Has Heart. They're a non-profit from Michigan and their mission is "sharing veteran's stories through art, design and fashion". 
Watch the video and read more about this project over at Has Heart.

You can also purchase the t-shirt here and the patch here.

In her 26 years of service, Monique Brown is as dedicated to the mission, community, & Warrior Ethos of the Army as anyone could be. Combining this commitment to the importance of spirituality that provides her positivity, strength, & guidance, Monique has devoted her life to helping others through love. Working as a Combat Stress Recovery Program Specialist at the Wounded Warrior Project & starting her own nonprofit called FOB Hope, “Guiding Ethos” demonstrates her passion for helping homeless & at-risk Veterans through lending a helping hand & guiding them on the path of healing.
The spirit & path of healing flow through the red hand & heart that symbolize sacrifice and love, weaving its way around the hand and fingers, demonstrating the arduous path Veterans go through to heal when transitioning from their military service to civilian life. The shades of green represent the Army and her mission to help others through love. Monique hopes that when Veterans see the design, they understand the path they need to walk in order to heal & the light at the end of the tunnel. When civilians see the design, she wants them to understand that injuries come in all kinds of forms, but offering Veterans a guiding hand helps them on their healing path.
VETERAN: Monique Brown
ARTIST: Victor Melendez
INSTAGRAM: @hellomelendez
VIDEO: Sam Veatch (Touch Worldwide)
AUDIO: Dominick Wolczko (Touch Worldwide)
STATE SPONSOR: Schultz Family Foundation
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